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Investment Professionals

1. Do your ordinary activities involve you in participating in unregulated collective investment schemes for the purposes of your business?  (Yes/No)

High Net Worth Companies

2. Are you acting for, or in the course of your activities as a director, officer or employee of:

(A)   a body corporate which (i) has a called-up share capital or net assets of, in the case of a body corporate which has more than 20 members (such as shareholders) or which is a subsidiary of such a body corporate, not less than £500,000, or (ii) in the case of any other body corporate, not less than £5 million;        (Yes/No)

(B)   an unincorporated association or partnership which has net assets of not less than £5 million;     (Yes/No)

(C)   the trustee of a trust the aggregate value of cash and investments of which, before deducting liabilities, is £10 million or more, or has been £10 million or more at any time during the last 12 months.  (Yes/No)


3. Are you currently, or have you within the last 30 months been, an investor in any one or more of the Funds or any other unregulated collective investment scheme which invests predominantly in emerging market debt.          (Yes/No)

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